Kanji practice time

ward, districtク、 オウ、 コウ 学区 -ガック- school district, school area
polish, study ofケンと.ぐ研究 -ケンキュウ- study, research, investigation
musics, comfortガク、 ラク、 ゴウたの.しい, この.む邦楽 -ホウガク- Japanese music (esp. traditional Japanese music

Kanji stroke order

Watch the stroke order and try to write strokes in given order to memorize

区 -Ward/District – ク(ku), オウ(you), コウ(Kō)

“radical”: box

“character”: “⼕”

Example – 

学区 – ガック –  school district, school area

研 – Polish/Study of -ケン(ken) –  と.ぐ(togu)

“radical”: stone

“character”: “ “,

Example – 

研究  – ケンキュウ- study, research, investigation

楽 – Music/Comfort – ガク(gaku), ラク(raku),  ゴウ(gou) –  たの.しい(tanoshii)

“radical”: – tree

“character”: “⽊”,

Example – 

邦楽  – ホウガク- Japanese music (esp. traditional Japanese music

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