Recommended reading time – 15 min

Kanji practice time, learn by radical animation

pull, admitインひ.く引責 -インセキ- taking responsibility
employee, memberイン 随員 -ズイイン- member of a party, attendant
nearキン、 コンちか.い至近 -シキン- very near

Kanji stroke order

Watch the stroke order and try to write strokes in given order to memorize

引 – Pull, Admit – イン(in)  – ひ.く(hiku)

radical – bow(in archery)

character – 引

Example – 

引責 – インセキ (inseki) – taking responsibility 

員 – Employee, Member-イン(in)

radical – Mouth

character – ⼝

Example – 

随員 – ズイイン ( Zuiin ) – member of a party, attendant

近 -Near – キン(kin) ちか.い(chikai)

radical – road, walk, to advance

character – ⻌

Example – 

至近 – シキン (shikin)- very near 

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