Level N5

This is the list of the N5 kanji you need to know to pass the JLPT N5 test.

Click on the kanji and see the meaning  stroke order on how to write it with the Videos and learn from example .

JLPT N5 kanji list-

Lets Start to study in details-

  • In every lesson we learn important rules of learning kanji.
  • for purpose of easy to learn we added in every lessons we added only  three or four kanji with Stroke order, redicals, animations and exapmles.

Kanji-JLPT-N5 part1 lessons

Kanji-JLPT-N5 part2 lessons

Test Series-

  • JLPT N5 is the introductory level of the Japanese and covers about 100 Kanji characters.
  • Practice reading these Kanji  and you can easily master the Kanji portion of the test.
  •  This free JLPT quiz will help you learn the Kanji used in basic Japanese vocabulary.
  • Practice reading Japanese every day, and you can read real Japanese.

In this test series we cover almost all N5 kanji.