Kanji practice time

fatigueハイ、 ヘイつか.れる憊 つか.れる to be tired, 疲憊 -ヒハイ- exhaustion
painツウいた.い痛 -ツウ- pain, ache
shop, houseオク屋外 -オクガイ- outdoors
countryコクくに異国 -イコク- foreign country

Kanji stroke order

Watch the stroke order and try to write strokes in given order to memorize

憊 - Fatigue - ハイ(hoe), ヘイ(he) - つか.れる(utsukare)

痛 - Pain - ツウtsuu, いた(ita), いた.い(itai)

radical – sickness

character – ⽧

Example – 

痛 -ツウ- pain, ache

屋 - House, small shop - オク(oku), や(ya)

radical – corpse, awning

character – ⼫

Example – 

屋外 -オクガイ- outdoors

国 - Country - コク(koku), くに(kuni)

radical – border, territorial boundaries

character – ⼞

Example – 

異国 -イコク- foreign country

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