JLPT N5 Kanji List

Learn Japanese

JLPT N5 is the introductory level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and covers about 100 Kanji characters. Practice reading these Kanji in real Japanese words, and you can easily master the Kanji portion of the test.

一  one
二  two
三  three
四  four
五  five
六  six
七  seven
八  eight
九  nine
十  ten
広  wide
店 shop
度  degree, frequency,occurrence
病  sick
憊  fatigue
痛  pain
屋  shop, house
国  country
母  Mother
女  woman
人  person
休  rest
本  book
何  what
時  watch
百  hundred
千  thousand
万  Ten thousand
父  Father
花  flower
目  eye, items, look
耳  ear
口  Mouth,openin
安  low, quiet, rested,
右  Right
下  Below
左  left
言  say, word
会  meet
手  hand
少 few, little
半  half, middle, odd number
白  white
店  Store or shop
社  Compnay, firm Office
先  Before
毎  Every
気  Spirit, mind, air, atmosphere, mood
男  male
足  foot
高  high,costly
中  center
学  learning
校  school
雨  rain
上  up, above
下  bottom, under,down
外  outside, foreign
語  language
道  road-way, street, journey,moral
長  long
買  buy
入  enter
読  to read
電  Electric
聞  hear, ask, listen
後  behind, back, later
天  Sky
北  North
南  South
立  stand up
名  name
分  minutes, divide
食  Eating, meal, food
来  Come
語  Language
川 river
田 rice field
見 see, look
間  Interval, space
書  write
魚  fish
午 noon
大 big
小 small
金 gold/money
日  sun, day
月  moon
木  tree
山  mountain
土  ground
行  going
話  talk
見  see
車  car
子  child
学  study
生  life/birth