JLPT N5 Grammar Lesson3

Japanese Particles - から (kara), まで (made), と (to)

1-Japanese Particle: から (kara)


Noun + kara (から)

  • から (kara) indicates the source of an object or action.
  • This starting position may be either a point in space.

学校から 家までどれくらいかかりますか。
Gakkō kara ie made dorekurai kakarimasu ka? 
How long does it take you to get home from school?

Japanese Particle: まで (made)


Noun + made (まで)

  • まで (made) indicates that an action/effect extends or reaches a specified limit or a point in time or space.
  • It is therefore equivalent to the English expression “until.”



up to home

Japanese Particle: と (to)

Rule – 

Noun + to (と) + Noun

  • と (to) is used to join nouns together into an exhaustive list that functions as a single noun: ”with”, “and”.
  • It’s also the particle used to indicate a direct quote (from someone’s mind or speech), functioning like quotation marks in English.

肉と 魚が好きです。
Niku to sakana ga suki desu. 
I like meat and fish.