JLPT N5 Grammar Lesson-13

Today grammar point -




How to use -
て+は+いけません -
must not do something


Polite Form: V(te-form) + はいけません
Casual Form: V(te-form) + はいけない

Example- 1


      Don’t sit on that bench.

Example- 2


 Don’t come here.

How to use -
v+て+も+いいです - receiving permission to do something

  • You can use -てもいいです when you want to say ” You can do… or You may do”.
  • It can be used as a request for permission.

1 – Structure- 

(verb-て form+もいいです

Example- 1


      May I eat this? or Can I eat this?

Example- 2


 May I ask a question?


How to use -
ませんか - will not(invitation to someone)

For added emphasis you could add the phrase “with me”, but it’s already implied that you are extending an invitation to someone to do something with you.
Ex- “わたしたち と おさか に いきませんか”, which means, “Won’t you go to Osaka with us?”.

Example- 1

      いっしょに ()ませんか

      Shall we eat together? Or Won’t you eat with us?

Example- 2

  いっしょに ()ませんか

   Would you like to drink with me? Or Won’t you drink with me?