JLPT N5 Grammar Lesson-11

Today grammar point -

-N + から – N + まで



How to use -
N + から – N + まで from -> to


Topic / Subject + Starting Point + Ending Point + Verb


   (あさ) から (よる) まで (はたら)きます。

   I work from morning to night.

Example- 2

   (わたし)(いえ)から (えき)まで (ある)きます.

   I walk from my house to the station.

How to use -
だけ- only

Structure 1-

Most of the time だけ goes with positive sentence.

だけ means only or just and can be used with many words to express that there is ‘nothing else’.

 Just think of だけ as a way to express that there is nothing more.



        I love only you.

Structure 2 –
We can also use だけ with verbs as well.
We will place だけ directly after the phrase to emphasize that there is only one action left. 



      There is only one cake here.

Structure 3 –
When だけ is used in a noun sentence (Noun です), it doesn’t always go with a positive sentence. Sometimes, it can also go with a negative sentence.




      Our teacher is only Japanese.

How to use - しか

Structure 1 –

しか is the negative version of だけ .

  • しか can be used with a negative verb to deliver more emphasis on ‘nothing else’.
  • To make this as clear as possible, let’s see example.




  There is one only.