Recommended reading time – 10 min

Kanji practice time, learn by radical animation

half, middle, odd numberハンなか.ば半額 -ハンガク- half the amount (of money), half price, half fare
whiteハク、 ビャクしろ, しろ.い白石 -しろいし- white stone
Store or shopテンみせ、 たな店先 -みせさき- storefront, shopfront
Compnay, firm Officeシャやしろ大社 -たいしゃ- grand shrine, famous shrine, Izumo Grand Shrine


Kanji stroke order

Watch the stroke order and try to write strokes in given order to memorize

半 – Half, Middle – han(ハン) -nakaba(なか.ば) 


radical – Ten

character – ⼗

Example – 

半額 – ハンガク – half the amount (of money), half price, half fare

白 -White – haku(ハク)、byaku(ビャク)  – shiro(しろ), shiroi(しろ.い)


radical – White

character – ⽩

Example – 

白石 -しろいし- white stone

店 – Store, Shop – ten(テン) – mise(みせ)


radical – Slating roof

character – ⼴

Example – 

店先 – みせさき – storefront, shopfront

社 – company, society – sha(シャ)- yashiro(やしろ) 


radical – altar, festival, religious service

character – ⺭

Example – 

大社 – たいしゃ- grand shrine, famous shrine