Recommended reading time – 10 min

Kanji practice time, learn by radical animation


Beforeセンさき   まず小手先 -こてさき- tip of one’s hand, cheap trick, superficial wit, superficial cleverness, lukewarm, 
Everyマイごと東毎 -トウマイ- name of a newspaper publisher
Spirit, mind, air, atmosphere, moodキ   ケいき水気 -みずけ- water content, moisture, juiciness, 
maleダン   ナンおとこ   お男子 -ダンシ- youth, young man


Kanji stroke order

Watch the stroke order and try to write strokes in given order to memorize

先 – Before – Sen(セン) -Saki(さき) 


radical – Human legs

character – ⼉

Example – 

小手先 – こてさき – tip of one’s hand

毎 -Every – mai(マイ)  – goto(ごと)


radical – Mother

character – ⽏

Example – 

東毎 -トウマイ- name of a newspaper publisher

気 – Spirit, mind, air, atmosphere – ki(キ)、ke(ケ)


radical – Steam, air

character -⽓

Example – 

水気 – みずけ – water content, moisture, juiciness

男 – Man – dan(ダン)、nan(ナン)- otoko(おとこ) 


radical – rice paddy

character – ⽥

Example – 

男子 – ダンシ – youth